Sunday 19 February 2023

How To Create A Free Portfolio for Freelancing with Blogger (Step By Step)


  • Why do you need a portfolio ? 

A Portfolio website allows you to showcase your work, project, and skills, it’s very important to have a nice-looking portfolio to increase your chance to get a freelancing job

How To Create A Free Portfolio for Freelancing with Blogger (Step By Ste...

  • Downloading the theme

In this Tutorial we going to use a pre-made blogger template, it really looks professional and easy to use : 

Download the Theme here: 

Vivid Clean & Responsive Portfolio Blogger Template Premium Free

  • Installation

You Can Install the Template In Two Ways:

  1. Uploading: Go to your dashboard > Template > Backup / Restore > Upload the .xml.
  2. Direct Uploading: By Copy and Paste. Just Copy Your Blogger Template By Opening It In Notepad Select The Whole Code And Paste It Into Template Editor

Customize Template


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